RC Home Improvements started in the hearts of the Camacho family after they experienced their first hail damage claim on their house in Colorado Springs.  They were quite appalled at the treatment they received by their insurance company and the roofer was of little help with the claim as well.  They didn’t understand their claim paperwork until after the claim was closed and by then it was too late.  They discovered they had missed opportunities to restore damage to their home and the roofer had taken most of the money!  It seemed that no one was explaining these things, such as how to get the recoverable depreciation on the claim, what an insurance supplement is, and how to provide evidence of damage to an adjuster.  The Camachos felt a fire and passion to educate people on their claims process.  RC Home Improvements was birthed out of a righteous anger to help prevent homeowners from being victimized by roofers and bullied by insurance adjusters!


Rafael’s Customer Tip:

Read and understand your insurance policy. So many times people think something is covered that isn’t, and typically only a few dollars in a premium would have covered thousands of dollars in a claim.


Jenni’s Customer Tip:

Choose quality over price. By penny-pinching you will find you are having to buy more often, which costs more in the long run. There will always be another company who can “do things cheaper” but there are few who will stand behind their quality. At RC Home Improvements we use the correct materials with manufacturer warranties, follow safety procedures and we offer a full guarantee- if you aren’t happy with our work, we make it right.